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This website aims to inform Canadians and especially Candidates in the 2019 Federal Election about the “Protection of Preborn Children Act” a proposed Bill to end late-term abortion in Canada, developed by People’s Party of Canada candidates Paul Mitchell and Laura-Lynn Thompson. The Bill is posted here for all Canadians to research the matter intelligently, using valid sources on the subject and to allow as many as possible sitting Members of Parliament and candidates for the upcoming 2019 General Election to pledge their support for this bill should they be elected or re-elected. By pledging to support the “Protection of Preborn Children Act” these Candidates will show, regardless of political party, that THEY WILL STAND to save late-term preborn babies.

Since 1988, Canada has been a land without a law governing abortion in any way. What does this mean?

Canada stands by itself among democratic nations, in having no legislation in place on this contentious matter. No law for the protection of a viable human at any stage of pregnancy. Without a law in place, elective abortion is legal, to the point of labour, in Canada. This situation is distressing and unbelievable to a great many Canadians who have had their voices silenced and have been openly attacked for wanting to have open debate on this issue. We must ask the question as to whether we believe ourselves to be a nation supporting liberty and free speech, or one that exercises censorship of ideas which the state and interest groups are opposed to? If that is the case, then Canada is not a nation of free speech and democracy, but of control, where uncomfortable words and ideas are silenced, with no recourse for those with different views.

Please see the proposed bill, and see the resources page for more information on this topic from across Canada.

If you are a candidate in the coming 2019 general election, and wish to make your position on this bill public, please fill out the form and you will added to the list.